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What is global U.S. dedollarization? 🤔

Apr 06, 2023


I'm Fred Smith

After working with multi-billion dollar brands and misconnecting with the fast-paced (and ever-changing world) of online marketing, I was hit with over $400K in wasted mid-to-high ticket online programs. Not exactly the way I expected to pivot!

But with smart business decisions, working directly behind the scenes in several online (and offline) celebrity entrepreneur's companies, plus lots of hard work and commitment, I got out of the time and money sucks of online marketing rabbit holes and well on my way to scaling out my practice.

Now I use my own personal struggle, experience and success to help people just like you master the art and science of digital marketing and business scaling. I’ll show you behind-the-scenes digital marketing and scaling practices the gurus and your competition really don't want you to know.


"Yeah. I know that guy."

- Grant Cardone

Bestselling author of The 10x Rule and If You're Not First, You're Las,t as well as a sales trainer, speaker, and entrepreneur

"Your reputation precedes you."

- James Dentley

Personal development industry icon and long-time mentor to motivational speaker Les Brown

"You are here for something big!"

- Marc Von Muser

Director of Sales at Russ Ruffino - Clients on Demand. Former Director of Coaching at Robbins Research International, Inc.

"You ARE the wildcard."

- Facebook


- Dr. Greg S. Reid

Dr. Greg S. Reid is an award-winning author and keynote speaker who specializes in storytelling

"Fred Smith is a professional who turns a conversation into a very encouraging topic coupling it with in-depth business expertise and thus, engaging minds and hearts for reaching superior goals. Absolutely delighted to work with Fred."

- Dr. Oleg Konovalov

Award-Winning Scientist and Author of Organisational Anatomy

"Your copy is dope!"

- Billy Gene Is A.I. & XR Marketing

"As one of my Founding Partners, Fred has been trained by me and my team."

- John C. Maxwell

John Calvin Maxwell is an American author, speaker, and pastor who has written many books, primarily focusing on leadership.


Unique. Prolific.

These courses originated during 2020 and were demanded by some of the world's top-level advertisers, marketers, thought leaders, and experts.  When applied, they combine real-world experience with battle-tested, evergreen principles that work in virtually any situation thrown at them for your success.


This 5-day, "noise cutting" course takes you right to the heart of what a high-level $25,000+ mastermind should have in it for your success.


Ninja Sh*t

7 guerilla conversion tactics and the ultimate shortcut for startups, top-level closers, and high-performing marketers.


The Data Haiku

Make new markets and profit streams out of thin air. We show you.


Pixel Driving School

Rules of the road for basic and advanced client acquisition, conversion, and scaling.


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