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The Data Haiku™

Here's How We Attract High-Value Clients Without Spending A Fortune.

Imagine getting a 25-year plus direct download of a template I've kept in my head that allows you to discover new audiences and research whether or not now is a good time to start producing content?


How much time, money, energy, and effort would that save you?


I used this exact same approach for years in high-level marketing and advertising meetings after several nightmare meetings where millions of dollars in wasted ad spend went on like it should be normal.


I always said, "I'll give you my checking account and aba routing number if you think wasting this kind of money in advertising spend is necessary."


But no one ever took me up on my offer. 🤷‍♂️


I learned a long time ago proper research and pre-vetting markets is critical to our overall success in marketing and advertising even if you're only focusing on your organic marketing game at this time (and that's okay).


The principles we cover in this 20:09 video have stood the test of time and remain the same.


What you'll get:

  • A battle-tested, no B.S., direct-to-market method we use to attract the right client while repelling the wrong ones...
  • Behind-the-scenes, little-known, high-level Facebook tools we use daily...
  • Peace of mind having tools in your toolbox that actually work...


I look forward to hearing your breakthroughs in our Facebook group or when we chat. Thank you kindly.